Corona Virus got you down? Feeling housebound? Bored? Netflixxed out? We recommend tackling some home organization during these times…get your kids involved!

Whether you’re planning to sell your home this year, next year or never, look at your home as if you were getting ready to sell. Look at your home through a potential Buyer’s eyes. And now, get moving!! Use these Pre-Staging ideas and tips…you’ll LOVE living with the results.

First off – tackle one room or one small project at a time.
Purge your fridge.
Edit your decor. (Or just switch it up between rooms.)
Organize cupboards by theme.
Pare down your mug…glass…wine glass collection.
Donate a box of knick knacks.
Lose the shoes!
Clear off your flat surfaces.
Toss expired products (food, drugs, lotions and potions).
Go through everyone’s clothes. Do you use it? Do you love it? Does it evoke a memory? Okay, keep those items…anything else gets tossed.
Try the “1 in, 1 out” rule…for everything in your home.
Super clean 1 thing in your home at a time. (Baseboards? Vents? Fans?)
And most of all, make a clutter-free first impression in your entryway.

Overwhelmed just thinking about it? Choose 1 task at a time. Set a timer on your phone. Maybe it’s just 30 minutes to start. And most of all, REWARD YOURSELF. (Krisztina usually has a glass of wine at the end…or sometimes during!)

And oh yeah, remember to take some before and after photos. Just for you – or post it to Facebook to get some extra encouragement.

Want to go a step further? Pick a small room to paint. Change out the hardware in the kitchen. Replace the shower curtain and towels in a bathroom. Buy a new set of lamps. Put a new mirror in the front hallway. Any of these small changes will not only refresh, but completely change the look of a room. Remember, Wayfair is still delivering.

Need some help? Don’t know which small DIY project would improve the value of your home the most? Take a quick walk-through video and email it to Krisztina. She will ask you your budget (is it $100 $250? $1000…) and then advise on how best to invest the money into your small home improvements. And she’s even happy to advise on the wayfair chandelier or lamps that you chose!!

Krisztina Neglia
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