Expired Listings

You may have seen it in your neighbourhood. For Sale signs that stay up for weeks…then months. And no SOLD Sign ever appears. You feel like it may be bringing your own property value down. What’s going on? Why can’t they sell?

At KN Real Estate, we LOVE THE CHALLENGE of an Expired Listing. Our track record proves we know how to market and sell Expired Listings. Maybe it was an out-of-area Agent. Maybe it was lack of staging. Poor marketing. Uninspiring photos. Unrealistic seller.

An Expired Listing is frustrating for everybody. When we take on an Expired Listing, we know how to get excited about the property and how to re-energize the seller. We know where and how to invest to get the best return on investment and we know what type of buyer to target with our marketing and staging. Trust us and let us get to work!!